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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Do I Have A Headache Again?

Why is my head pounding like a 700 lb. caged gorilla?  Oh yeah, because:

Surprised me with a new summer intern this morning.  "By the way, Monica's going to be here at 8:45."  That's awesome....who's Monica again?  "She's the intern you'll be training today."  Not giving me a chance to prepare for her arrival led to a few interesting questions during the orientation this morning, such as...

  • Uh, so did anyone in H.R. tell you when you're going to be paid?
  • How many hours per week are you going to work?
  • Are you expecting a performance review?
  • Do you know if you'll have performance goals and get incented?
All questions that I could have had answered before she walked in the door had I known more than 15 minutes in advance that she was coming.

Kiddo, the new intern is very cute, but you're being ANNOYINGLY OBVIOUS about noticing her.  
  • Next time you work with her can you try to only mention the fact that you're working out after work less than a dozen times in a ten minute conversation?  
  • The fact that you're looking for a house to buy is only impressive until she finds out about the other piece that you forgot to mention: you still live with your parents and the house is actually theirs.
  • You don't have to brag about having a pool.  You live in Arizona.  The anomaly is not having a pool.