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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warner Bros.

I was very excited to buy some Looney Tunes the other day.  I grew up on those cartoons and I wanted to play them for my daughter (I'm weird like that...I also subjected her to the Muppets and about an hour of looking up 80's Saturday morning cartoon theme songs on YouTube.  Child abuser!!)

I get the damn thing home and disc 1 is mostly Sylvester and Tweety.  I know I'm going to get booed off my own blog for saying this, but Tweety Bird is fucking annoying.  I always hoped that they would just let poor Sylvester eat that obnoxious piece of shit. 

Disc 2 is just all those weird cartoons they did while they were stoned.  The one with the singing book covers and another one with bad impersonations of celebrities.  I was so disappointed.

They did make up for it by putting the singing frog one on disc 2.  Also --hooray!-- one Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Where's my Road Runner?  Where's Taz or Marvin?  Heck Daffy was barely on there and the only time we saw Elmer was when Sylvester was singing and keeping him awake.  What?  He doesn't hunt wabbits anymore?  Lame!

Oh yeah, and the Bugs one.  He's just playing piano the whole time.

The bright spot:  they managed to leave off Foghorn Leghorn.  Yippee for small favors!