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Friday, January 8, 2010

Construction Cunts

Yeah, I'm talking to you assholes.  The ones blocking all the parking to the office I worked out of today.  You're very lucky that it A) wasn't my office and B) MisManager was afraid of you or there would have been a swarm of tow trucks out to haul away all 7 of your work trucks and (if we could somehow manage it) your steam roller and cement truck.  (Oh, and the cement truck -- double parked in the handicap spaces.)

Don't think I won't.  I'm just as douchey as the manager from Waiting when it comes to that shit.  Just ask the manager of the apartment building next door who told 15 of her tenants to park in our lot when they repaved.

I made some tow truck company very happy that day.


Candice said...

Brilliant title to this post!

Wendigo said...

Wouldn't that be totally illegal for them to occupy the handicap spaces like that? State fines and towing and everything...

Awesomeness said...

Thanks Candice!

Wen: I think it's just incredibly rude. I'm not sure if handicap spaces are actually governed by law. I never really thought about it.

All I do know is that poor office has less parking than we do and everyone in the building was too chicken-shit to go say something until I showed up screeching about tow trucks. :D

MisManager eventually did go out there and tell them to move their trucks, but it took a long time for her to do it and, even then, they didn't move very many of them.