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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey! Easy Rider! Grow A Brain You Moran!

Motorcycle riders of Phoenix, hear me now!

From this day forward, no one gets to whine about us car drivers that don't see your dumb asses until you clean up your act.  This would include the following:

  1. Stop riding the solid white line between the carpool and the 'fast' lane. 
  2. The emergency median is not your private lane.
  3. Do not cut across 5 lanes of traffic at 96 MPH.
  4. Racing....seriously?  There are tracks for that all over the valley.  Go find one.
Until this stops, I will not shed a tear for the smear you leave behind.


Candice said...


I don't swerve my car for animals, nor will I swerve for jackasses who do a wheelie down the tollway and fall off of their motorcycle going 90 mph.

I.e. You're fucked...

Awesomeness said...

You reminded me of the one thing that I remember from Driver's Ed. (and if you ever saw me drive, you would clearly see that I mean I only know 1 thing):

(Background -- I originally come from a heavily forested area.)

"If you ever come to a situation where you have a choice between hitting a deer or swerving and hitting a car in an oncoming lane, always hit the deer."

You also have to understand that my Driver's Ed. teacher sounded a lot like Ben Stein.