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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Guess She's Sad Or Something

I got a call tonight from MisManager.  She wanted me to know before we made it into the office tomorrow that a coworker's husband had just had a heart attack and passed away.  It wasn't a complete shock, as he had been unhealthy for a while, but nonetheless, it was still a sad announcement.  My heart immediately went out to his wife and daughter.

I was a little distracted in my sympathy, though, by the turn the conversation took:

We will have to look at the schedule when we get in, because she won't be back to work for a week.  I guess she's pretty sad about this...
All I could say was, "Wow."  She thought I was talking about the news.

We have to make this announcement to the staff tomorrow.  I sincerely hope she works on that line a little before the morning meeting.

Rest in peace, Brett.


allgrowedup said...

Is she always so emotionally defunct? Or just never lost a loved one or something??? That boggles my mind...if something were to happen to Mr. AGU it would take a lot longer than a week for me to get back to work...if I "worked" I mean...

Awesomeness said...

You know...that's a good question.

On one hand, I want to be generous and say that she was probably in shock and wasn't thinking properly about what she was saying.

On the other hand, past experience tells me that this is more credit than she deserves.

I was going to write more, until I realized that it was turning into a follow up post. :D

Keri said...

I love how WE means HER!