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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let's Go! Let's Go! LET'S GOOOOOO!

Oh, fuck you, dude.  I just woke up 10 minutes ago.  My coffee just finished brewing; I haven't even had a cup yet.  The kids haven't eaten breakfast.  You're already up my ass about showering to leave the house. 

I understand your philosophy of 'the earlier you leave, the earlier you get back', but I just frankly don't give a shit when I get back.  Today's the first day of my vacation and I don't want to kick it off with a mad rush for the door right when I first wake up.

The entire work week I'm running out the door, flying to work, kicking ass and taking names while I'm at work, rushing back home and then scrambling to get the kids fed and asleep.  The last thing I want on the weekends is to carry on that craziness.

We're not on a schedule, we can run our errands whenever we damn well choose.  Slow 'er down there and let me finish my coffee before you end up getting a crack-addicted badger thrown at you.

Oh.  I'll do it.


*mary* said...

Well, at least it wasn't a syphilitic raccoon!