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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Skeleton Crew

Our offices run on skeleton crews.  When times are lean, like now, it makes sense -- in a way -- to not waste your resources on staffing you most likely don't need.  I got it.

What I don't get, MisManager, is why you think that we can spare 2 of our staff members to work at another office.  Ske-le-ton. Crew.  It means we're already working with the minimum of what we need to operate.  Yes, the other office is in worse shape than we are.  For a lot of reasons.

What I also don't understand, is why you need my Lead employee.  I'm facing an assessment right now (someone is auditing the documents in the office) and I'm going on vacation next week.  Yesterday, I had to beg you to give me one day with her before I leave.  Your answer: "I'll see what I can do."  What!?  Just pull her, dumb ass.

Why don't you send the employee who is driving me up a fucking wall right now?  That girl can't listen for shit and I'm about to kick her butt up in between her ears if she doesn't quit pissing me off.  You'd be doing us both a favor to get her out of my face.

There are a total of 10 offices in our district.  Why is it that we're this other office's only hope?  Grow a set when you're talking to your boss and explain to her that this is too much of a hardship for us to carry alone.  It's not like she's an unreasonable person.

Please stop making it our problem that they can't just hire some more people on.  It's not like there's a lack of qualified candidates in the job market right now.  Maybe you should bring this point up to your boss.  The fact that you can't throw a rock without hitting someone desperate for a job should be apparent to her, so "your" plan of "um, just fucking hire someone already so I can have 1/4 of my staff back" should win you some brownie points for cleverness.

This would be a lot more clever than a) bombing an assessment because we're all too busy to pull the work they're requesting or b) lessening our office's effectiveness or client management.

Holy crap.  Why are you in management again?