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Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Yeah, It's Over All Right...

The vacation.  I want it back.  You remember the employee who was driving me up a damn wall?  The one I was hoping MisManager would send to another office so she would not get stabbed in the head by the daggers I was shooting out of my eyes all day long at her?

Why don't you send the employee who is driving me up a fucking wall right now?  That girl can't listen for shit and I'm about to kick her butt up in between her ears if she doesn't quit pissing me off.  You'd be doing us both a favor to get her out of my face.
MisManager must read my blog because there she is helping the other staff out.  Thank goodness.....

Or not.  I have to write her up.  Not only did she fuck up something stupid so completely that it messed up 3 other people's work, but she fucking lied to us about it.  Are you shitting me kid? (Kid.  She's 10 months younger than me.)  She seriously thought that no one at that office would bother to tell me or the ManAger (Oooo I like that one.  I'm keeping it.) about her stupid, dick move?

Then...THEN, she came back to help us while I was gone and pretty much pulled the same dick move.  This girl has been working for me for 2 years.  It's not like she hasn't had plenty of training.  She's got a Bachelors Degree related to the work that we're doing and is working on her Masters.  She's not an idiot.

Oh.  Edit:  She's not an idiot?

Also, as if that's not enough to make me want to drive across town and check her into a wall, she decided to issue an "All Staff" memo while I was gone.

I'm sorry.  I must have forgotten that I promoted her to Supervisor....

Nope.  No I didn't. Promote her, that is.

Then, surely, MisManager asked her to put that out because she didn't have enough time to relay the message?  Nope.  MisManager was not even copied on the memo.  She read it for the first time when I asked her why key pieces of information were left out.  I was also very curious how the phrase "...if the guy so much as stamps a foot in here..." made it into a professional communication.

(As an interesting side story, the memo was a security warning about a crazy dude who came into the office with a bullet and a samurai sword last week.  He told JailBait "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill anyone."  Creeeeeeepy! The cops were called.)

So far MisManager has been saving her from my impending doom.  This time, I'm getting my way.  Her teeth and her colon are about to become acquainted.  Well, just in my head, but it counts.