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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seating Snafu

Wow, MisManager.  You've finally taken your control-freaky antics to a new low.  I understand that you see my saying even one word out of line to your sales staff as a usurping of your authority, but I never would have suspected you would see something as simple as the conversation I had with the summer intern as anything but a casual conversation.

Summer Intern:  When I come back next summer to learn the sales position, am I going to have my own cubicle?
Awesomeness: Not necessarily.  We will always have a place for you to work, but there are only 3 cubicles and they're spoken for.  We have a vacant spot at the end of the service department that you'll do the majority of your work out of.

See, we were talking about physical location.  Later when I told you about the conversation, you said this to me:

MisManager: When she has those kinds of questions, you really need to direct her to me.  Service and operation is your area, sales questions should always come to me.

Um, that wasn't a "sales" question, that was a "where the fuck am I going to sit" question.  I don't have a degree in Workspace Organization, but I still feel that I'm qualified to answer this.  When I asked you what you would have said differently, you acknowledged that you would have said the exact same thing.

Sooooooo......shut the fuck up.


angry mandy said...

i'm not exactly sure why i hadn't stumbled upon your blog before, but you're pretty fucking brilliant. thank you for being so bad ass and making me laugh.

Awesomeness said...

Thanks Mandy! I'm glad to make you laugh. Now if I can just kick this bug that's making my neck swell, I'll put out my latest installment about how EVM can't figure out how to decide between "toilet paper" and "toilet paper". No. Seriously.