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Monday, October 18, 2010

I Guess That's A No...

8:35 a.m.

Awesomeness: Hey, MisManager, I got your message that you needed to speak with me.  Did you have time this morning or is after lunches better?

MisManager: NO!  I don't have time right now.  I have a conference call and then a meeting with the business partners and then I have to...Ya know what? No one cleaned out that damn popcorn machine and I've had it.  No more popcorn machine!  They weren't busy on Saturday, I know they weren't, so I can't believe no one took any initiative to...Oh yeah, and since no one is going to work the daily reports for sales opportunities, you might as well just give them to me.  I'll work 'em.  I need sales too!

Awesomeness: ....  okay .... crazy lady


allgrowedup said...

hahahahaha...why does that picture of the child cowering in fear make me giggle?

Awesomeness said...

That's what I was going for. :D