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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Have A Life ... Or Something That Closely Resembles One

Dear Inconsiderate Assclown:

I don't actually live at the office, Mr. Business Partner.  I like to go home right after we close.  Why in the world would you schedule a meeting with a client right at closing time?  When I say closing time, I mean the client was running up to the doors as we were locking them.

You informed one of my sales girls that you were meeting someone, but left out the time.  In the future we will know how important it is to ask you.  It apparently means the difference between getting home in time for dinner and getting home in time for breakfast.

When your client left, you never apologized for keeping me late.  You didn't even acknowledge the fact that you pulled a shitty douchebag move.  I know I'm supposed to refer clients to you, but this isn't a good way to get me to keep you in mind.  Please, in the future, feel free to meet with your clients right at closing time at someone else's office.




dbs said...

I really appreciate how I can read your posts and allow the hatred (that would otherwise eat my soul) ooze out of me (and then chuckle). Thank you.

Awesomeness said...

I'm really glad to hear that dbs! It has the same effect on me when I write it. I think of this blog as my dumping ground for all this crap.