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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update: Breaking News!

It has been brought to my attention that I'm an asshole for not updating since my last post.  I'm sure I'm also an asshole for many other reasons, this one just being the most recent.  So, here's what we heard when we got to the meeting last Friday:

The company's stock has been downgraded after some disappointing 3rd quarter numbers.  Rumors are starting to fly around that we'll be bought out by our competitors.  The rumors are false.

Our company is, however, looking to close down a few of its under-performing offices.  Honestly, this really needed to happen.  When the housing market exploded, we built about 20 new offices in the markets where housing was going up the quickest in anticipation that they might be well-utilized there.  Unfortunately, quite a few of these locations have not turned any sort of profit since they've opened -- for some of them, that was well over 5 years ago.  They've had their chance.

My office will not be one of the closures.  We're highly profitable and we're crazy busy.  I'm actually hopeful that, in the displacement of the employees from the other locations, we might actually take on another part-timer.

Also, there will be additional layoffs.  In the last round of layoffs, we were able to oust a woman who, quite frankly, was probably EmployeeVonMunchausen's idol and mentor.  If we need to "sacrifice a lamb" guess who my pick will be.

So, I'm actually hopeful for the changes that are coming down.