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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Strangest Thing Happened....

Mr. A had an encounter at a Walgreens the other day that was probably the strangest display of assholery that I’ve ever heard of.  I will be telling this story for a while.

He set out Sunday afternoon to get some supplies for our son, who was battling a temp that settled comfortably around 103.  He enters the Walgreens to the immediate display of a 6’2” man, dressed in full cowboy regalia….with his face painted like a clown.  Cowboy Clown is talking up the lady at the register and Mr. A just figured that he was winding up a transaction (I assume he would be purchasing balloons and chewing tobacco) and he’d be on his way.

When he finished selecting his items and made his way back to the cash register, however, he discovered the giant redneck clown was still yakking away at the cashier.  This was mighty annoying considering that the dude should have moved on a long time ago.  As he's waiting for them to wrap up their chatting, he caught the topic: the cashier is really interested in leaving her illustrious career in cashiering to work parties as a balloon-bending clown.

Awesome.  So now Mr. A can't get service at the store, and get our son his medicine, because this ass clown wants to be a clown clown.  Mr. A tried to get the cashier's attention, as the clowning was not pertinent business for the Walgreen's and he (rightfully) thought that his service should have been a priority.

Clowny and his grasshopper had other ideas, because both ignored him.  Neither of them thought for a minute that it was a good idea to get on with the business she was there for.  So what does Mr. A do?

He pushed the clown out of his way and tossed all of his stuff in front of the cashier.

At this point in the story, I had to have him stop for a minute so I could catch my breath from laughing so hard.  How many people get to say that they had to push a 6'2" cowboy clown?

So how does Clowny take being physically handled?

He ignores Mr. A.  

Because Clowny is ignoring Mr. A, so does the cashier.  They just carry on their clown college conversation. She does, however, ring up his items, so it wasn't a total waste of effort.

Like I said, I will be telling this one for a while.