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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First, Start With Your Eyeballs...

Hello there, People Who Clean The Office.

I am very grateful for the work you do.  I wouldn't do it if you paid me a million dollars, so the fact that you do it for slightly more than minimum wage makes you saints in my eyes.

Speaking of eyes, I'd like to point out that using them every so often would greatly improve, not only the quality of your work, but our relationship as well.

The issue starts with the fact that you only come in to clean at night, long after I've left and long before I return.  Our sole method of communication is through a notebook that we keep in the closet with your cleaning supplies.

Last Monday, when you came in, you left me a note that said, "Need peper towls."  Spelling errors aside, this was an effective communication that we were running low on a much needed supply.  Peper towls were ordered and the box was placed just inside the closet door underneath the shelf that holds the notebook.

Wednesday rolls around and you write in the book, "".  This tells me that you still need peper towls.  Um, I hate to embarrass you, but you had to climb over a case of peper towls to get to the notebook where you're making your ditto marks.  Surely, you will see this the next time.

Friday, more "".  Wow.  The box has a big, blue picture of peper towls right on it.  I turned the box so that you might notice this finally.

Monday, I get "" and arrows.  My bad for not opening the peper towl box for you.  I also placed some peper towls next to the notebook.  Now that I've done that, let's see if you can find them tonight.