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Monday, April 11, 2011

Does He Know He Already Works For You?

Well, we're at it again.  My Lead employee is leaving for a promotion opportunity at another office and we're hiring to fill her position.  Except, instead of filling her 40-hour position, MisManager has decided that we need two 20-hour employees.  Since I dodged the ulcer bullet trying to get New Girl hired on, (I'm going to have to find a new nickname for her soon...) I'm in for twice the fun this time, I'm sure.

The first of the two candidates was easy for us.  We interviewed a man for the New Girl's position 3 months ago and we've heard that he was still interested in working for our company.  He interviewed very well, (and he has massive amounts of coffee-making experience) he seemed like he would be a good fit for our team, (as our new coffee boy) so I was disappointed then that he wasn't going to work for us (I mean, don't get me wrong, I make awesome coffee, but it's more awesome if someone else makes it).

I was expecting to have to fight MisManager a little bit to give him a call back, but was pleasantly surprised when she whole-heartedly agreed that we should get him in for a follow up interview right away.  The caveat: she wanted to see him that afternoon.  Ugh.  Here we go again.

Who knows, though, there may have been an off chance that the guy didn't have anything at all happening on a Friday afternoon....

No.  He was occupied as I was sure he would be, but don't ask, don't get right?  I made an appointment with him first thing Monday morning and thought I did well.  I did until I reported my "success" to MisManager.

MisManager: Why couldn't he come in today?
Awesomeness: He has to work.
MisManager: Well, we're trying to offer him a job, he can't change his schedule for one day?
Awesomeness: Uh, no.  (Would our employees be able to change their schedule on an hour or two notice to go interview for a new job?  Oh, hell no they wouldn't.)
MisManager: I'm starting to rethink calling him back.

Well that's convenient.  Seeing as how I've already had a conversation with the dude.  I'll just call him right back and tell him that we've changed our minds again.

See, this is the problem.  She acts like these applicants already work for her.  I have to remind her that they have prior commitments.  Especially the ones that we passed on three months ago.  This call came completely out of the blue.  I thought that he showed a real interest in agreeing to show up first thing in the morning on Monday.

All is ending well (for all know how this circus goes).  We interviewed him this morning and I talked MisManager into calling the recruiter to get started on his onboarding before she changed her mind.

In a few short weeks, I'm gonna have my very own Coffee Bitch!  Life is good.


Candice said...

How in the hell do you keep a straight face while talking to your manager. Or better yet, how do you keep yourself from punching her in the pancreas?

Awesomeness said...

I am the master of the blank stare. ;)

As for the punching, I'm not sure I know where her pancreas, that helps.

She's just getting crazier and crazier. If I get off my ass and finish the post I've been writing the last 2 days, you'll get another prime example.

Keri said...

this woman!! let me guess, she's either really dumpy, hates to shop, wears bad suits full of cat hair and closet eats, or she's impeccably stylish, never wears the same thing twice, has her nails and hair done twice a month and thinks everyone else should be the same way.

i need to know

Awesomeness said...

The first one! The first one!

She actually does the monotone outfits. Today was all brown. Another day, she'll be all black, green, or tan.