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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Other Things Left Unsaid

Last week, I wrote a post for my forum about things that I leave unsaid, forget to mention, assume is assumed, you get the picture.  I was feeling pretty down on myself at the time because I didn't feel like I participate enough with the people who reach out to me for friendship.

And then I remembered....

Sometimes, I think you need to whine less and think more.
Sometimes, I want to tell you that you unfairly judge people based on rumors from unreliable sources.
Sometimes, I think your baby is ugly.
Sometimes, I want to nominate you for What Not To Wear.
Sometimes, I think that your holier-than-thou attitude about crap that doesn't even matter makes me want to shake you.
Sometimes, I'm really thinking about absolutely nothing.
Sometimes, I am too insecure to share my own problems.
Sometimes, I need a break because life just won't quit for 10 minutes so I can collect my thoughts.

Not always, just sometimes.

The lesson here is that it's actually better that I don't try to reach out on some occasions.

*Note that in the above post, the term "you" is a generic amalgam of many, many people that I encounter during my day.  It in no way refers to you personally.

**Or does it?


Keri said...

Come on, of course these things refer to me too.. sometimes I think the baby's ugly. But there's nothing anyone can do about that.

It's the ugly things people do that they could do something about but don't, making them complete tools who need to be shaken! I love your blog, and if I'm ever lucky enough to find a job, I think I might be compelled to start one like it.

So nice to hear chime in on comments for sale... hang in there and keep writing these great posts. You speak for a whole lot of people. Take care, Keri

Awesomeness said...

Aw, Keri. If you lived here and would be willing to put up with MisManager, I would totally hire you. :)

I recommend that rant blog too. Highly. Having a safe place to dump ugly thoughts is important.