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Monday, August 1, 2011

Note To Self

When a Cracked writer issues this warning...

Warning: Don't watch this video. Just fucking don't.

Read more: 6 Progressive Parenting Fads You Won't Believe Are Legal | attention.

I made it through 1:11 of this video before I couldn't look anymore.

Oh, and I highly recommend you don't watch this...unless you're a boxer and you need to psych yourself out to pound the shit out of someone.  Then it's okay.


Pickleope said...

Unfortunately the video didn't work for me (which may be better for my psyche), but I read the disturbing Cracked article. I can't believe those exist (although, should I be ashamed that the diaper-less option thing looks kind of cool to me?). Thanks for exposing us to absolute horror, but, then again, it's better to know these things are out there lest we ignore the evil in our own backyard. (tee-hee suspended baby cages)

Awesomeness said...

Hmmm...for some reason that video violated YouTube's TOS. I think it violates much more than that.

Anyway, I got a different one embedded for anyone who doesn't like their soul.

And I'm sure the diaperless thing totally works...

...if you like cleaning up piss and shit off your floor all day.