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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Stamps / WIC / Cash

I understand what you're doing, because  we used to use these programs when I was growing up.  There are certain things you can get with your WIC voucher, certain things you can buy with the food stamps and the rest you have to pay for in cash.  The programs are out there to help and I'm never one to look down on someone for using it.

I'm looking down on you, Tool, because you fought with the cashier about everything you had on the belt.  That poor lady had to call her supervisor over twice to help check you out because you kept trying to pay for crap with your food stamps and WIC voucher that were not approved.

I stood in the line behind your dumb ass for 15 minutes watching you struggle to check out less than 100 items.

Next time, pay attention to which juices are or aren't approved by WIC.  Ask your case worker whether or not potato chips are covered.  Instead of arguing with the cashier about it for 5 minutes, maybe ask her to put that stuff back for now so you can check your facts and come back some other time.  LIKE WHEN PEOPLE AREN'T GROWING A BEARD WAITING FOR YOU TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.  Hell, my 3-year old daughter had a wicked-looking soul patch by the time you were done.

Lucky for you, some aliens kidnapped my kid and replaced her with a quiet, patient pod baby.  Normally, she would have been screaming bloody murder.  I'm just vicious enough to point her right at you.


*mary* said...

I know! It drives me nuts when people do that. READ the info first, toolbars!

Lol, and the image of a three year old with a soul patch is cracking me up.