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Monday, October 19, 2009

Yeah, Me Too

We had a lunch date with your new employee MisManager.  You've known that today was her first day for over a month now.  Why did you make another lunch date with a business partner today?  What's wrong with any other day this week?

You fought really long and hard to get this girl into the office and she really didn't get much of a reception.  You took off before she even got there, then showed up long enough to fly through the office barking, "I have to go, my daughter is sick!" at everyone before taking off again.

Oh yeah, well, me too.  My daughter is also sick, but I put in my time today and I also had lunch with your new girl.  My daughter is 3 and was heartbroken that she didn't get to go in with Mama and Dada today and play with her school friends.  I was also pretty sad that I couldn't just stay home and care for her.  Your kid, on the other hand, is 15 and can fend for herself. 

Maybe I should just go home too, jerk.