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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Literally, husband. You lost our child's diaper bag. It's the big, black thing sitting in the shopping cart. The thing with our son's teething drops, which I would appreciate right about now. Did it blend in just right with the bright redness of the cart maybe?

What makes matters worse, is your grandma took that cart and returned it to the store. She pushed it from the parking lot all the way into the store and did not once see this huge black bag. Your prescription is up-to-date you say? My ass, old lady.

Even so, it's kind of hard to fault an old, blind lady for not seeing something. You unloaded the cart, husband o' mine. There was even stuff on he bottom of the cart that you managed to remember. Like that case of nasty Pepsi Max. That crap is liquid butt in a can. Making you drink it alone should be enough of a punishment. Next time, pull your head out, tool.