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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ultimatum Man

I don't know how business is done under that rock you crawled out from under, but around these parts, businesses usually trade goods and services for this stuff called money. When you came in the other day, you seemed to understand this concept.

We struck up a conversation about how it would be great if you could do more business with us. We gave you a coupon for a refund of the price you paid for that day's service if you would just come back and become a regular client. We were holding hands and skipping through the cotton candy clouds in the magic land of rainbow ponies. It was the best time!

Today, you come back for the same service and insist we provide it for free. Well, sir, this was explained last time as a benefit of being a client of ours. We'll provide most of our services for free, just join us. Drink the Kool Aid dude!

You threw a full-on baby tantrum. When you refused to sign up and we refused to waive our charge, you countered with, "Well, then you'll need to give me another coupon for a refund." No. No, we don't actually. Now you say you'll never do business with us again. Well, you really don't do business with us now, so I'm not sure why you think that's a threat. Stupid tool.