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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Business Partner

Flitting in and out all day, and leaving us with no general sense of direction, is not going to help you achieve desired results. You were asked to help us coordinate a call effort to get some business in your door. Let's actually work on that, eh?

We've provided a list of our clients that would benefit from your services. We're willing to call them on your behalf to set up the appointments. We've been planning these calls all day. All day that you've been somewhere else.

What happened to this whole "we need to work together as a team" speech? It was very inspiring until we learned 5 minutes after we opened our doors that we weren't going to see you until close to 2 in the afternoon. That's close to quitting time.

We could have started this throughout the day, but you insisted that you wanted to be there to give direction. That was a wonderful plan. We were waiting for this awesome display of inspiration. We're still waiting for it.

So we still got some committments, but that was because my team is the A Team. A for Awesome. Make sure you don't mess this up by not showing up for your appointments. You freaking tool.