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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yelly Screamerson

I can't use your real name because you're a customer, but you're not a good one. I understand that you're not that happy with the service provided. You've mismanaged your life and somehow that ends up being my company's fault.

We've refused to provide certain services to you that you feel you're entitled to just because the customer is always right. Right? Actually, you flat-out do not meet the requirements necessary. Yelling and screaming at me will not change that. Making exceptions for people who don't even almost meet the standard isn't an option. Discrimination lawsuits are no fun and we avoid them like the plague.

You threaten to take your business elsewhere. Is this supposed to make me sad? I'm also interested to know why you feel that the best way to win me over and get me to see your point-of-view is to verbally deride me and my staff personally. How does that saying go? You catch more flies with vile contempt and outright hatred? That just doesn't sound right, does it?

So take your business down the road, where you will be treated exactly the same way. You are a complete tool and our competitor will figure that out in no time flat.