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Friday, June 12, 2009

Alone At Last!

I have an antisocial streak a mile wide. At some point every day, I look forward to being completely alone and not having a kid or a husband or a coworker or a customer in my face. This is absolutely my favorite time of the day.

The last 3 days, this time has never come. My son is teething pretty badly and he has been holding me hostage at home. I have not slept in 3 days because he just can't be apart from me.

I finally escape him to go to work and it's more of the same. I can't seem to catch a lunch break where someone isn't back in the breakroom or busting in on my every 2 minutes.

Who's the tool here? Well, pretty much every other person on the planet right now. I finally had a good 1/2 hour completely alone and I'm feeling sincerely uncharitable toward everyone right now. This is unfortunate because now I'm off to work. Say a little prayer for the poor souls that encounter me today.


Larew said...

What you need to know is that the people you work with are really little kids... they just have bigger bodies. So that's why they're tools. You assume they know better, but they never do. If you imagine them in little pinafores & cowboy outfits, it might just make work more tolerable.

Cat Lady

Awesomeness said...

That would make more sense than my current thought process: they are evil robots who are programmed with antisanity software.

Thanks for reading and chiming in Cat Lady.