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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Inlaws

It was just a matter of time before you all made an appearance here. You were both warned this morning that our girl was sick. Hubbs suggested that you all meet Grandma on the porch today. Normally, he says that crap because he's hornery and ... well, he doesn't care to visit with you. Today, it was suggested because we're not sure that she's not contagious, plus we're not up for company.

Not only did you ignore that request, but you made youselves at home and stayed for an hour. You didn't have anything in particular you wanted to say. As a matter of fact, you seemed to want to go on about how my kid can't go anywhere because she's sick. Yup, she's sick. Go away now.

You wanted to discuss your upcoming move that you conveniently scheduled over the holiday weekend. Fuck you crazy assholes! We are not helping you move over the Fourth of July weekend. Are you out of your little minds?

The day after that is hubby's birthday. We're not going to spend it partying at your new house in Hicktownnowhereburg with Father-In-Law's "fishing" buddy and Grandma's demented friend and her ready-to-die floor pisser dog.

Then you start asking if we're going to come visit you in August. Maybe, but you're talking about all of us EXCEPT MY DAUGHTER sharing a room. What the hell is that all about. You're getting a little weird. We've got 2 Pack N Plays for a reason. We'll just bring them both and all sleep in the same room. Thank you very much.

Now you've got my little girl riled up thinking that she's going somewhere and she's crying herself out. She doesn't need this. Next time just stay in the car and Grandma can come out to you.