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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preschool People

My kid loves going there. Her experience at your place is apparently so great that she screams like we're kidnapping her when we go to pick her up. So what's my problem?

Well, she spends all day with one of your teachers. That teacher routinely writes up notes to let parents know what our kid's been doing during the day. One section is designated for telling us what her disposition was during the day. When we pick her up, her disposition is listed as "teary". Why?

There's also a section for personal comments. It says, "Have a great day! :)" Oh. That's helpful. Not quite as helpful as actually writing comments to let us know why our kid turned on the water works.

Of course, the teacher leaves before we come to pick her up, so now we have to wait until the next morning to find out what happened. Can the front desk staff tell me anything? Hell no. They said, "Well, she's teary because she doesn't want to go home." Yeah, right now she is, you dumb cow.


Awesomeness said...

Boo! This one sucked.

I mean, if you want to choose quantity over quality, then that's your deal, but don't expect me to read this drivel.

I was not blinded by your Awesomeness. I want my money back.

Chelle said...

Maybe you read it wrong. Maybe she was TEAR-y and was tearing the shit out of everything & everyone. Maybe she tore some kid a new asshole.

Maybe. She might have, you know.

Awesomeness said...

That actually sounds more like my kid. "If nothing's broken at the end of the day, she's in a coma." That's my girl. ;)

I don't think she would be mean to another kid, but I vowed before she was born not to ever be a "not my kid" parent.