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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cover Songs

I like a good cover version of a song. I actually once spent and entire week-long vacation hunting down different cover versions of songs that I enjoy. Some of the covers I found were kind of crazy, but still were enjoyable as a different spin on an old favorite.

I also found some real bottomfeeder fodder that make you want to hunt the people down and instantly vaporize them on behalf of all musickind.

Then you get the old guys who are desperately trying to attract younger fans by singing more contemporary songs. You fail at everything but failing old dude.

(Even though, in all fairness, some old dudes are/were just cool as hell no matter what.)

Today I listened to a crap-ass cheap imitation of Ann Wilson followed by an unnecessary shit-tastic butchering of of a (I can't believe I'm typing this) Wham! song. The inspiration for this post -- which, incidentally, may not have a real point. I thought it was just fair to warn you.

Please pay attention TuneTrashingTools:

To the band on the Musak at work that covered Operator: this is a poignant and reflective song. The tempo that Croce set is bouncy enough. I shouldn't feel happy for his best ol' ex friend Ray.

To the entire country music universe: Piece of My Heart should not be twanged.

To commercials: Commercial jingles are not that hard to write. Enough with the laziness that leads to giggly girl-types squeaking out Twisted Sister to sell me birth control pills. Ooooohhh....I really hate that one. I'm not gonna take it anymore bitches.

Kid Bop. This is 40 billion different kinds of awful. (Link is not for the actual Kid Bop, but KB is almost that wrong.)

American Idol: Maybe asking these kids to "make the songs their own" is beyond their grasp and the result is ear-splitting. Please stop. I mean, not that I watch or anything.... *cough*