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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Night Before Saturday

'Twas the night before Saturday, when all through my work,

Everyone was all crazy, and being a jerk;

The clients were hanging off the door before open,

Don't think that they'll vaporize but I'm always hopin';

The employees were all puking and sick,

One of them's fakin', she can suck a fat dick;

And manager late as usual, I could care less,

You've got food on your clothes you fat, ugly mess;

She shows us a scowl that cuts through the chatter,

Then picks apart all our work like we don't even matter;

I punched her real hard, the fat fucking slob,

Ok, I didn't because I need my job.

She finally left without helping at all,

Probably went off to go cruise the mall,

At least now she stopped making us crazy,

It must be real hard to be that dumb and lazy,

She shouted with glee as she drove out of sight,

"See ya tomorrow! You know you're coming in right?"