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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry For The Inconvenience Your Majesty


You've got places to go and people to annoy, don't you CourierMan. It's just very aggravating for you that my company employs your company to transport documents back and forth between our offices, and you let us all know that.

You have a scheduled arrival time of 9:10. When you show up at 8:30 because it's more convenient for you, don't you think that giving us just a few minutes to get our stuff ready would be the polite thing to do? Obviously not, or you wouldn't have made my blog.

Instead, you stomp around the client waiting area all annoyed. You point out, a few times, to my staff that you have a schedule to keep. Nevermind that you're a full 40 minutes early for any schedule-keeping appearances.

Please note CourierMan: I don't care how many stops you need to make after you leave my building. I don't care that you're driving into traffic. I don't care that your next stops will also hold you up by not having their stuff completely ready (because you're 40 minutes early, by the way, in case I didn't mention that enough). The next time you stomp your pompous feet in my building, your ass is waiting for the scheduled pick-up time.