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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laughing Cow

What in the hell kind of cheese is that little Babybel cheese?! My new diet has me eating 2 of those every 3 or 4 days. I'd like to know what I'm eating.

I looked at your package. It says, "semisoft cheese". I looked at your website. It also says, "semisoft cheese". Is this just called semisoft cheese? No. For once, I looked something up.

Under semisoft cheese (incidentally, I was corrected in my search and asked "Did you mean semi soft cheese?") I found listings for all sorts of cheese. Most of them were not even made with cow milk.

What the fuck am I eating Laughing Cow?! There must be a reason for that name. I think the cow is laughing at me because the cheese I'm eating didn't come from a cow. Probably didn't come from milk either. They probably just packed up some Frumunda Cheese into some wax and banked millions off of it.

Who's the tool here? It's a mystery.