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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Phone Yeller

You left your wallet at my work. I can completely commisserate with you when you explain to me that you spent the better part of your weekend panicking and cancelling all of your credit cards, then trying to replace your driver's license. I've had to do this before, I know it is incredibly frustrating. Had you not been a total dick and SCREAMED IN MY EAR, you would have known that.

I was not there on the date of the forgetting incident. No one called me to ask me what to do. *cough* I'm also not the guy who left his wallet on the counter. *cough* I wholeheartedly agree that someone should have called you. There is no doubt about that and I have covered that with my entire staff. I don't care what time of day they discover a wallet, calling the owner is their #1 priority.

Your screaming at me that someone SHOULD HAVE BEEN A NICE PERSON AND GIVEN YOU A CALL SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THAT was not necessary to get your point across. I was feeling your pain without it. I asked you politely to stop yelling and warned that I would need to hang up if it continued.

You said, "+^@$%&*(^%##@@*((--@$%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I went, click. I don't joke about that stuff guy.