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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drunk Man

Maybe the rock landscape in front of a public service building wasn't the smartest place to pass out. I don't know what the hell your story was, but you were so dead-to-the-world that I actually called 911 on you because I thought there was a very good chance you were actually dead.

When I went out to rouse you and tell you to go sleep it off somewhere else, you did not even so much as flinch. I was yelling right at you.

When the fire department showed up, you didn't respond to their yells either. You had to take a fireman (who was a woman) boot to the chest before you would stir. They checked you out and determined you didn't need an ambulance, so you sat there for a minute to clear your head. That was cool.
What wasn't cool was when you decided that you needed to come inside the building and strip, then sit in our customer's seating area in order to clear your head. This is when the cops show up. They told you that you needed to take a hike. I'm just annoyed that you needed to be told this. It's not like the name of our business is Drunken Hangout Heaven. Go sleep it off.