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Monday, February 23, 2009

Janitor Dude

Whatever the heck is the PC term for you folk nowadays, you suck. Today you came to my office to replace perfectly good bulbs with only very slightly different bulbs. You said that it would save us some money. Whoop-de-doo. It's not like I'll see this in the form of any kind of pay raise.

I asked you to take a look in one of the vents. Whenever it kicks on in the afternoons, there's always some kinda rotting vermin smell. You said that it would be no problem. You were "on it". Whatever that means.

I'll tell ya what it means: Fuck you, crazy lady. If there's a rotting animal carcass in your ceiling then it sucks to be you.
Well that's just great. I can understand why you're not in a hurry to go looking for the ghost of Stuart Little, but ... well, it's your damn job. Yeah, it sucks the big one, but you just need to get your big boy panties on and get that rat. Or mouse. Or bird. Or whatever the hell it is you tool.