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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Parking Pricks

I needed to run to the store today. I dread going, as it is a veritable buffet of assholery. I didn't even make it into the store for today's experience to be ruined by some tool.

I'm trying to get my kids out of the Awesomemobile (a Chevy Malibu - envy me) and this huge land yacht comes screaming into the parking space next to me. Asshole nearly took off my door. The parking lot was completely empty, man. Why the hell did you have to pull in right next to me?

So a couple of tools get out and just glare. I'm sorry. Did we park in your spot? I don't remember it saying "Crazy Asshole" when we pulled in. Tool. And Mrs. Tool. (Maybe Momma Tool, she was kinda haggard...)