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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Firefox, You're Fired

It's just not working out Firefox.  I love your applications, but I can get the same functionality from other browsers.  You know, ones that don't inhibit my internet usage.

You crash in the stupidest places.  Like when a pop up window opens.  Is that really too sophisticated a process for your programming?

I need to be able to do uncomplicated things like follow other cool blogs or comment.  Granted, you've probably saved me some face by stopping me from making an ass of myself, but I don't appreciate the censorship.  If I want to embarrass myself in public, what business is it of yours?

So, I'm giving Google Chrome another chance.  I never really gave it much of a shot after I fired IE about a year ago.  You've been warned, Google: any attempts to save me from myself will also get you fired.


Michelle H. said...

If Google Chrome doesn't work out, you can always try Safari and see if that does the right stuff for you.

Awesomeness said...

Thanks! I might need to. I don't remember why I didn't try Chrome for long, but I was just way too fed up with Firefox this morning to care.

Jacob Schott said...

Chrome is one of the few things that works in my life. Granted, it still isn't very fast seeing as how I'm using a computer from 1999, but I get the feeling it would be faster if I had a better connection.

I say give Google a chance.

Awesomeness said...

So far it's doing just fine. I found all the little add-ons that I enjoyed from Firefox. Web of Trust and Speed Dial being the main ones. I was even able to import all of my bookmarks.

This is how I spent my Mother's Day. I'm a nerd. :/