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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bet

Normally, I would say that Mr. A is a pretty bright guy.  I would absolutely claim that he is a lot more observant than me.  So a conversation we had this morning had me at a loss.

Background: We have a dishwasher and use the dry soap cakes (used to be called Electrasol, but now it's...whatever it wants to call itself).  In order to keep track of whether the dishes in the washer are clean or dirty, we automatically load a soap cake into it every time we unload the clean dishes.  So, for the last 4 years:

Soap = dirty
No soap = clean

I'm not quite sure how this conversation happened:

Mr. Awesomeness: Are these dishes clean or dirty?
Awesomeness: Is there soap in there?
Mr. Awesomeness: Yeah.  There's always soap in there.
Awesomeness: ? 
Mr. Awesomeness: (with just a hint of snarkiness) That same cake of soap has been in there for months.
Awesomeness: No, we keep replacing it after every wash. (Why am I saying "we"?) Remember? Unload the clean dishes, put in a new cake of soap, now we're all ready for the dirty dishes.......?
Mr. Awesomeness: ....... I think you're lying.
Awesomeness: Start the dishwasher, then.  I bet there's no soap left when it's done.
Mr. Awesomeness: You're going to cry when I win.