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Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Ain't No Pony Show, Lady

For three years I've put up with, what I've come to think of as "The Pony Show."  Once a month, MisManager's boss comes in for 1/2 a day to meet with her and see what we're up to.

The days leading up to this meeting:

"Now, when she talks to you, make sure you tell her about the thing you're doing with the stuff."

"Yes, ma'am."

"You might also want to mention the story where you did that thing that was cool."

"Yes, ma'am."

"And do you remember last week when you helped that client do that thing that they were really happy about."

*sigh* "Yes, ma'am."

Then her manager comes in and I get to put on a big, fake smile and recite my lines like a good little girl.

Recently, though, MisManager has gotten a new manager.  One that I've known for about 9 years now.  This lady actually trained me when I was hired on and I've been working with her in some capacity or another ever since.

So, earlier this week we went through the normal prepping and polishing ritual.  MisManager calls me in to talk to the boss.  Boss cuts her completely out of the conversation and has a rapid-fire series of questions that have nothing to do with my prepping.

Ahhhh, I love that woman!  Actual conversation is so refreshing.

And MisManager...picture her sitting behind her desk, looking visibly disturbed.  To the point where her boss called her out on it.  

Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Suck it, MisManager.  The days of The Pony Show have ended and I couldn't be happier.


Jacob Schott said...

Hooray for you! I hate when I'm not held to any real standard (like in the job I have now). Sometimes, my boss even forgets about me. Yes, she forgets that she hired me at all. *sigh*

Your boss's new boss sounds awesome (or better than the last one at least). Glad someone's luck is good right now.

Awesomeness said...

She is completely awesome! I was so happy to learn that she was taking over.

What I *really* hated about The Pony Show was, occasionally, MisManager would ask me to compile some information or put together some kind of actual presentation. Then when her manager came in, Old Boss didn't even look at it or have time for me to present it, even briefly.

I spent hours on that crap. >:(

Sorry about your boss! She sounds like the type that will only pay attention to you when you mess up. Chin up, dude. Not all bosses are that way.

Jacob Schott said...

She certainly manages to notice me when she's asking me to set up rendezvous with her boyfriend (she's also got a husband, who works with us as well).

I've had similar experiences with preparing presentations and then not getting to present them (not with this job at least). It can really be annoying, especially if you didn't want to put it together but gave it your all anyway.

Awesomeness said...

Oh no! So, when you apply for your next job, do you get to list "pimp" as your job title? That would be kinda badass. (In theory.)

The best part of the presentation/research issue comes when it takes priority over my routine job duties because of the time crunch. Then, when I don't get my job done, I get in trouble.

"Why didn't you get your things done?"

"Uh, because I spent 2 days putting together this list of all of our clients who wear purple underwear every other Tuesday because you *had* to have it."