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Monday, May 31, 2010

I Double As A Pack Mule

Mr. A:

Tuesday (on our way into the grocery store): "Hey carry the car keys for me."
Thursday (switching cars): "I don't want to leave the stereo face in the other car.  Put it in your purse."
Friday (on the way home): "I stole this candy from the jar at the front desk. Carry it for me."
Monday (after a doctor appointment): "I don't want to lose this prescription.  You hang on to it."
Wednesday (after meeting a gabillion vendors): "I don't have anywhere to put all these business cards. Stick 'em in your purse for me."


Awesomeness: You know what I'm going to get you for Father's Day?
Mr. Awesomeness: Huh?
Awesomeness: A man purse.
Mr. Awesomeness: You know I would never use that.
Awesomeness: You use a purse almost every day.  It's about time you packed it around.
Mr. Awesomeness: What are you talking about?
Awesomeness: All that crap I have to carry around for you in my purse.
Mr. Awesomeness: What crap?  I almost never ask you to put things in your purse.
Awesomeness: You've asked me 5 times in a week.
Mr. Awesomeness: I think you're lying.
Awesomeness: [quick recap]
Mr. Awesomeness: Yeah, but it's not like I ask you all the time.  Before last week, when was the last time I asked you to carry something?
Awesomeness: The week before last when I was packing around your insurance card.
Mr. Awesomeness: .....I think you're lying.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Father's Day gift:

It's even on sale right now.